had never painted on glass before but wanted to paint japanese letters onto a fused piece. I got some FuseMaster Opal paints from a local stained glass store. They said they used vinegar as a medium for the paint. I mixed some canary yellow and painted 1 symbol onto BE adventurine green and a made some violet by mixing red and blue (with the vinegar) and painted another symbol onto BE opal. white. I did a full fuse at 300dph to 1250 with a 20 minute hold, then 200dph to 1475 with a 25 minute hold, flash vent to 960 then 200dph to 800 then 9999 to room temp. When I took the pieces out most of the canary yellow paint had disappeared (it was very wet when I painted it on) and the violet I had mixed and painted on white had turned to just blue.Can anyone point me in the right direction? Is vinegar truely a medium to use? Did I fire to hot? They had told me that this paint was to fire from 1350-1550F. The first attempt certainly did not go well but looking for what to change on next attempt. Are these even the right paints?

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